Hockey is coming! Just under three weeks until the puck drops for NHL regular season hockey and we’re kicking into full hockey mode.


We had the pleasure of attending rookie training camp last weekend and regular training camp this weekend.


The low down on Rookie Camp:

It was great to have a chance to see our up and comers during Rookie camp. As any Flyers fan would expect we had our eyes glued to Sam Morin, Scott Laughton, and Shane Gostisbehere. We’ll start with Morin and wow is he a BIG boy. He’s filled out since he was drafted…Lets just say I would not want that kid skating at me. And then there was Ghost….I have no words…he may not be a tower like Morin but that kid has legs. He is incredibly fast (guess we know why “ghost” is such a fitting nickname) and from what I can tell from camp/watching him play in the Frozen Four he’s got great hockey sense. I feel good about the Flyers defensive future if they can be patient, which seems to be something Hextall is preaching loud and clear. Scott Laughton looked solid…but I’m not going to lie I was mesmerized with the defensive prospects and probably did not pay my fair share of attention to our offensive prospects.


The low down on regular training camp/Meet the Flyers:

This weekend we spent today watching some rookies, randoms, and rostered Flyers at training camp. Obviously due to a “lower body injury” we did not see Captain Claude on the ice but we were able to see everyone else on the team that has a clean bill of health.  The team seemed to be in good shape and looked comfortable out on the ice. There was a little scare apparently Jason Akeson got caught in the neck by one of Coburn’s shots…he left the ice for a few moments and came back apparently unscathed. One new face stuck out in particular and that was Mr. Michael DelZotto…probably because we’re so used to booing him when wearing a Rangers sweater. He seemed to have a good rapport with the guys on ice and looked to be meshing well…guess we shall all find out soon enough how he fits in an actual game.  Today seemed to be business as usual- just a regular practice including some possession drills and a lot of skating just with a few missing faces. After the practice they filmed the annual “Meet the Flyers” special  (Meet The Flyers” will debut on the Comcast Network on Thursday, September 25 at 9:30 p.m.) which was filmed in Skate Zone’s third rink. It was about an hour long and all of the guys said a little something. We were on the side where Therien was interviewing players so we got a close up view of the backs of DelZotto, Grossmann, Coburn, and some other guys….very exciting stuff guys.

In other news the Flyers first preseason game is Monday September 20th which will be a split squad game. We will be in attendance at the Wells Fargo Center and we could not be more excited…preseason or not it’s still hockey! We are in the works of some big things this year so stay tuned! Thanks for reading and as always….