Leave it to Bylsma….

to ruffle my feathers and really PISS me off.

“(Letang) kind of had the play there and the puck on his skate to try to score a goal. It fell off his stick and the whistle and everything ensued after that. Yeah it does, a guy picking on a guy who had a stroke.”-Dan Bylsma

Are you serious guy? If you’re worried about your player getting shoved in the game of hockey then maybe he shouldn’t be playing. Hockey is a physical game as we all know and if Bylsma doesn’t think Letang is ready to get roughed up maybe they need to talk it out. The best part of the whole ordeal is on twitter Bylsma stated the comment was absolutely tongue in cheek….because talking about strokes is a great time to make tongue and cheek remarks. Nice form coach….and I’ll be the one to say it…it’s too soon….it’s always going to be too soon when you’re making those type of remarks about your OWN players health. However I will give Chief props on his response and I personally share his sentiment, “He shouldn’t be out there playing, bottom line. It’s a stupid comment.” Even Letang himself said “It’s part of the game.”


I don’t like Letang, he’s gorgeous, but I don’t like him-however I would never want someone to suffer any serious injury or health issue because of a game. I wish him good health but as Bylsma himself said in 2012 after we kicked some Pittsburgh ASS  “I really can’t wish them good luck.” I feel the same bro…

although I do think my favorite part of this video is Wayne Simmonds

Check out this article for the full story.





30 Days of Hockey Hotties: Day 22

Max Talbot of the Philadelphia Flyers is our twenty-second hockey hottie for #30daysofhockeyhotties

This photo was inspired by the “shhh” to Philadelphia fans as Talbot was skating off the ice after a fight with Dan Carcillo changing the whole games momentum….funny he’s playing for the Flyers now….and most of us still love him.

Max is one of the few Penguins this diva has ever liked while he was actually a Penguin…. this man has so much heart and so much personality  on and off the ice you just can’t not love him. Most notably Max’s won the Stanley Cup in 2009 with Pittsburgh, and he’s even got a tattoo to prove it! Max participated in the 2011 Bridgestone Winter Classic and then again the next year with the Flyers in 2012. We absolutely adore Max and wish him all the best with the Flyers and wherever else his career may take him.

Nice suit Maxime, looking dapper.

Oh that face…

Max Skating with his Mama at the 2012 Winter Classic, sooooo cute.

30 Days of Hockey Hotties: Day 3

Brian Boyle of the New York Rangers is our third hockey hottie for #30daysofhockeyhotties.

Brian Boyle

Brian is an American boy, born and raised. Boyle isn’t the only hockey player in his family either, his younger brother was drafted in 2012 to Ottawa. I guess when you’re 1 of 13 there’s bound to be a couple of hockey players in the mix. Boyle also supports the You Can Play Project which is something we really admire and respect.

Bryan Boyleand the man looks damn good in a suit…

For more information on You Can Play: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXoTRTAw6Dc or http://youcanplayproject.org/

Or view Brian’s tweets @bribrows22