30 Days of Hockey Hotties: Day 29

Henrik Lundqvist of the New York Rangers is our twenty-ninth hockey hottie for #30daysofhockeyhotties

The King

Damn he’s good looking and talented too in 2012 he won the Vezina Trophy. Rangers fans call this man “King Henrik” and we can’t really disagree, we hate playing against this dude EVERY time. In six Olympic starts, Lundqvist went 5–1, allowing only 12 goals with a .907 save percentage, which shows how DAMN GOOD he is.

In 2009, Lundqvist became the Rangers spokesman for the Garden of Dreams Foundation, which  works mostly with Madison Square Garden and its tenants to host charitable events and grant wishes to sick children, similar to the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

In 2004, he was awarded Best Dressed in Sweden and in April 2006 he was named one of People’s World’s 100 Most Beautiful People. King Henrik also supports Your Can Play. Oh yeah and he jams on the guitar.

Henrik Lundqvist

Why does he have to be such a good goalie! Also if you didn’t know he has a twin…and he dresses well
ANDDD he appears on world famous news casts such as the one below:

Check him out on twitter @HLundqvist30


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