30 Days of Hockey Hotties…

Letter to our lovely Broad Street Divas!

Now some if the names you might not know on this list but this list isn’t who’s the most famous player or a list made up of players from one team… Sorry girls we put a cap on ourselfs for how many curret flyers we would include (pretty sure it would have been all of them)

It’s a list of players that we find attractive. This is a fun thing that were doing because the Cosmo list neglected to include many players we thought should have been there. This isn’t a list intended to highlight one team it’s a list comprised of the entire NHL with the hockey players we find the most attractive and are include for both adorableness and their activities outside of hockey aka charities, sorry if you don’t agree.

But we are hockey lovers and we love the sport and its players and we feel that the whole league deserves our attention.

We also wanted to show the lady’s that follow us some sexy fellows that they might other wise have missed.

If your open minded we hope you’re liking the list and learning a bit about players from other teams.

Thanks divas we love you! You girls really are the best people on twitter.

Now sorry for the rant here are some picture of Cootsy to make up for it
Couturier and Zolnierczyk first NHL goals
Sean Couturier

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