30 Days of Hockey Hotties

Tomorrow starts 30 Days of Hockey Hotties. We’re kicking off the season right. The diva’s got inspired by Cosmo’s horrible hockey hotties list so we figured we’d one up them….I mean come on…how do you leave Henrik Lundqvist out? Clearly those bitches over at Cosmo have no idea. As avid hockey fans with great respect for the sport and the skills of each individual player we would never do this to disrespect anyone or the sport we hold so near and dear. We did however think it would be fun to wade through the rosters of every NHL team and pick the most attractive hockey players. Some of these are obviously a little biased to our own tastes, but we like to think we have good taste…so hopefully there’s a little bit of something for everyone…well maybe not everyone but our lady followers.  To start a little pre game 30 days of hockey hotties here is our favorite fictional hockey player leading up to the first hockey hottie on our list…and there is a connection, we swear.

Xavier LaFlamme from Goon<3

LaFlamme tumblr_mcbhq6o3Le1ri5l7ko1_500

You cannot say this man is anything but gorg….and if you don’t, we guarantee you will probably hate this list.


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