Training Camp 2013: DAY 1

Divas and dudes-

Today we were fortunate enough to be one of the (at least) 2,000 people who attended training camp at Flyers Skate Zone in Vorhees, NJ. It was an unreal atmosphere, it always nice to see that many fans in one place. It was certainly good to see the lockout didn’t deter too many people from the sport we all hold so dearly. Anyway…down to the nitty gritty, numero 3, Kurtis Foster was on the ice which was exciting to see…he will definitely add some SIZE to our D. Everyone looked pretty good out on the ice…nothing out of the ordinary other than a missing Briere but we knew that already due to his wrist injury. This morning the Flyers family also shared some interesting info that we got Brian Boucher back for the 4th time…BOOOOOOOOOOOOSH….appears he will be playing in Adirondak for now and Leighton will back up Bryz…we can only hope for the best when it comes to goaltending. Last but not least of course we were ecstatic to finally see Luke Schenn in black and orange after a very long off season…Luke welcome to the Flyers! Luke skated hard, played well, and looked like the solid defense the Flyers needed. We cannot wait to watch him play live, should be interesting to see how he transitions from Toronto to Philadelphia…but if today was any indication he’ll be just fine. Anywho enough rambling for now…..HOCKEY IS BACK and here are some pictures!

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