The Diva has landed

Well hey. I’m here and I’m ready to blog about all things Flyers…there are many others who write about all things Flyers, and I won’t lie I don’t read the majority of them. I’m a twitter person, small snippets of info are best, but I also really like to write and not everything fits into 140 characters…. especially my feelings on last nights excitement about Shea Weber.

I am ecstatic about this news as many others are, now it’s a waiting game….what could possibly be the now six longest days of the summer. I would love to see Shea in orange and black and I do believe it’ll happen one way or another, it’s just how. Will Nashville come up with 100mil to counter? I don’t know, and if they have it will they spend it on Shea? I would he is quite an asset. If the Flyers acquire this elite defenseman on an offer sheet with just a couple of first round picks Holmer should get GM of the year right now, and the season hasn’t even started. I still can’t wrap my brain around this, but I will say I would hate to lose any of our rookies if Nashville does counter and wants a trade for Weber. I don’t think I could bare it if Coots was shipped off to the Preds, too much young talent. I also have a soft spot for Read, I feel it would be counterproductive to trade Schenner now that we have Luke, and no one wants to see a bigger name like Hartsy leave the organization after a great year….so if it comes down to it, if you put a gun to my head and said Weber or currently rostered Flyers I am not sure what I would say, good thing that’s not MY job. What I will say is that whenever I think I have lost ALL faith in Holmer he surprises me, just wish it wasn’t so late at night.


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