Conference calls…

According to the twittersphere Holmgren and Polie have conference called lined up for later today…It’s a nail biter. Can’t wait to see what the outcome of the call is but I’m also terrified….until this evening…

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Shane Doan?

Making a second trip to Philly huh? Meeting with management? Okay…cool. Some veteran leadership would not be a bad thing for our flyguys, especially now in the absence of Jaromir Jagr.¬† This guy has been with the ‘yotes since 1996, his whole career, and wears a C for them, he’s clearly displayed leadership qualities and that is a wonderful thing for such a youthful team.

In other news, Weber watch continues, the divas will keep their fingers crossed.

Event Report- Went out to the Claddagh Fund PA Phillies movie night event, very cool atmosphere and experience. Not only is it for a good cause you can come and hang out FO FREE, however we do recommend the fine cuisine at Gunner’s Run pub….it was pretty delicious. The divas had the opportunity to meet some board members including Al Morganti and also a Philadelphia Union player Gabriel Farfan. There’s a Flyers night coming up in August and there will be some special guests that are affiliated with the orange and black bar tending ūüėČ Definitely worth the trip to the Piazza at Schmidt’s…..uh by the way, that place is wonderful! The Flyers movie night is August 9th, we suggest you take off, do what you have to do and meet us there to have a fantastic time.

The Diva has landed

Well hey. I’m here and I’m ready to blog about all things Flyers…there are many others who write about all things Flyers, and I won’t lie I don’t read the majority of them. I’m a twitter person, small snippets of info are best, but I also really like to write and not everything fits into 140 characters….¬†especially¬†my feelings on last nights¬†excitement¬†about Shea Weber.

I am ecstatic¬†about this news as many others are, now it’s a waiting game….what could possibly be the now six longest days of the summer. I would love to see Shea in orange and black and I do believe it’ll happen one way or another, it’s just how. Will Nashville come up with 100mil to counter? I don’t know, and if they have it will they spend it on Shea? I would he is quite an asset. If the Flyers¬†acquire¬†this elite defenseman on an offer sheet with just a couple of first round picks Holmer should get GM of the year right now, and the season hasn’t even started. I still can’t wrap my brain around this, but I will say I would hate to lose any of our rookies if Nashville does counter and wants a trade for Weber. I don’t think I could bare it if Coots was shipped off to the Preds, too much young talent. I also have a soft spot for Read, I feel it would be counterproductive to trade Schenner now that we have Luke, and no one wants to see a bigger name like Hartsy leave the organization after a great year….so if it comes down to it, if you put a gun to my head and said Weber or currently rostered Flyers I am not sure what I would say, good thing that’s not MY job. What I will say is that whenever I think I have lost ALL faith in Holmer he¬†surprises¬†me, just wish it wasn’t so late at night.